Praise for Kindred Verse

“Transformative! These exquisitely formed poems and reveries illustrate in themselves why L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables is a classic.  Julie Sellers shares a lifetime reader’s pilgrimage to real and imagined places and moments, reflecting on her younger selves.  Wise and gently playful, these beautiful pieces also celebrate a timeless nostalgia.” —Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, Professor Emerita and founder of the L.M. Montgomery Institute at the University of Prince Edward Island

An evocative homage to the world of L.M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables. Strong currents in Montgomery’s work—nature, imagination, friendship, community—are beautifully mirrored in Sellers’ poems and Montgomery readers will delight in the many references to their favorite people, places, things. Sellers captures the hyper local while showing the transcendent nature of imagination, literature, memory. —Kate Scarth, Chair, L.M. Montgomery Studies, L.M. Montgomery Institute, University of Prince Edward Island

Kindred Verse invites L.M. Montgomery‘s “ like-minded souls” to walk with poet Julie Sellers on the hallowed ground of the author’s special places to catch glimpses of Anne in dunes, a bookcase, in paths and blossoms, and in reflections and possibility – a tonic for those who are “farsick for Green Gables.”  —Mary Beth Cavert, 2020 Recipient L.M. Montgomery Institute Legacy Award, Publisher of The Shining Scroll

Julie knows the way to fairyland and the red roads of imagination that will take us there–to that place behind the veil where kindred spirits dance across the geographies of our existence and remind us of all that is beautiful in the world. Her poetry sings of enchantment. —Bonnie J. Tulloch, 2018 winner of the Elizabeth R. Epperly Award for Outstanding Early Career Paper   

Sellers channels Anne’s spirit as if she is Anne reincarnate and a remarkable friendship transcending time and location occurs. She goes looking for Anne and finds herself, a woman transformed by a fictional friend. A timeless, beautifully magical book.  —Ronda Miller, Author and Kansas Authors Club President (2018–2019)

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